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December 18, 2013

Ontario private schools handed out 1,500 fraudulent diplomas in one year, auditor says

By Karen Howlett | Published Dec. 10 2013 by The Globe & Mail


The ministry has a rigorous verification process in place for public schools, the auditor says. It hands out diplomas, signed by the Education Minister, only after ensuring that a student has successfully completed all courses necessary for graduation. In the private sector, by contrast, the ministry is relying on the “good faith” of school administrators, the auditor says.

As of this June, the ministry had not received information from one quarter of private schools for the 2011/12 academic year.

The auditor found significant concerns at 100 schools, raising questions about whether the students actually earned the credits towards their Grade 12 graduation diploma.

The ministry inspects the standard of instruction at the 408 private schools that offer credits toward a high school diploma. It conducts an inspection of each school every two years and has identified significant concerns identified in 25 per cent of these schools that offer the Grade 12 diploma.

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