Articles & Interviews by Robert Green

Podcast: Fundamental Problems Remain Following Latest Tweak to Quebec’s History Curriculum 2017/03/15 – CBC Radio Noon and Homerun

Podcast: Financial Literacy at the Expense of Political Literacy? 2017/01/21 – CJAD Leslie Roberts Show

Quebec’s rotten history curriculum is fault of both PQ and Liberals 2016/09/18 –

Quebec’s History Program Chaos 2016/06/18 – CJAD’s Tommy Shnurmacher Show & CBC Homerun

CBC on Quebec’s Controversial New History Reform 2016/06/04 – CBC Montreal Homerun

Quebec’s non-inclusive new history curriculum is a missed opportunity 2016/06/03 – The Montreal Gazette

CJAD Teachers Panel Discusses Recent Liberal Proposals for Education 2016/05/21 – The Tommy Shnurmacher Show CJAD

Common Front deal for Quebec public sector workers wasn’t as good as advertised / La responsabilité du Front commun 2016/05/15 –

Why are university students lacking basic literacy skills? CJAD’s Teachers Panel discusses declining academic standards in Quebec’s public schools 2016/01/28 – The Tommy Shnurmacher Show CJAD

Quebec’s proposed deal with public sector workers: a hollow victory for unions?  2016/01/12 –

Discussing the details of the Common Front salary deal for Quebec’s public sector workers  2016/01/07 – CKUT Wednesday Morning After

CKUT’s ‘In the Motherhood’ explores what the Couillard Government’s attacks on public education mean for students, teachers and parents   2015/11/22 – CKUT In Motherhood

Robert Green speaks with CBC’s Sue Smith about recent developments in negotiations with Quebec’s teachers  2015/11/03 – CBC Montreal Homerun

When it comes to funding education, Quebec’s Liberals govern like sociopaths 2015/10/25 –

Robert Green discusses a range of issues facing Quebec’s teachers with CKUT’s Dan Parker and Stefan Christoff  2015/10/08 – CKUT The Wednesday Morning After

Westmount High’s October 1st Human Chain  2015/10/01 – Montreal Gazette Video Report

Montreal teachers’ pressure tactics are taking a toll  2015/09/23 – Montreal Gazette

Is striking an effective tactic for Quebec’s teachers? 2015/09/21

Podcast: WHS teachers Robert Green and Scott Macleod explain why teachers need the support of parents in their current conflict with the Couillard government 2015/09/13 The Tuesday Morning After CKUT

Quebec teachers are defending children’s learning conditions 2015/09/10 Montreal Gazette

CJAD Teachers Panel discusses pressure tactics, class size limits and cuts to librarians and school maintenance 2015/06/15Tommy Shnurmacher Show CJAD

Cross Country Checkup Discusses Teachers Strikes 2015/05/24CBC Radio

Podcast: The impacts of austerity for students and teachers in Quebec’s public schools 2015/05/16Tommy Shnurmacher Show CJAD

Does Quebec’s government have a mandate for austerity? 2015/05/

CJAD Teachers panel discusses pressure tactics and the untold hours teachers work without pay 2015/04/21Tommy Shnurmacher Show CJAD

CJAD Teachers Panel discusses homework bans, success rate pressures & the importance of class size 2015/03/21Tommy Shnurmacher Show CJAD

Quebec Education Minister resigns in disgrace 2015/03/

The gloves come off as the CJAD teachers panel discusses the PLQ’s ongoing assault on public education 2015/02/28Tommy Shnurmacher Show CJAD

Quebec’s ongoing education-policy disaster 2015/02/16 – Montreal Gazette

The stakes have never been higher for public education in Quebec 2015/02/10 –

MTA Referendum: Is NOW the time to propose extending term limits? 2015/01/25

Austerity for Quebec’s schools and an insult for Quebec’s teachers2015/01/08 An edited version of this article was published Jan 7, 2015 by the Montreal Gazette

A Montreal teacher’s wish for 2015 2015/01/05 Montreal Gazette

Why the EMSB needs Anne Lagacé Dowson as its Chair 2014/10/08

Canada’s education apartheid 2014/10/

CJAD’s Gang of Four discusses cuts to parental leave 2014/09/17 – Tommy Shnurmacher Show CJAD

Hey, premiers, leave them teachers alone! 2014/09/06 –

Will the Liberals ensure schools get proper funding? 2014/08/29Montreal Gazette

The Hypocricy of Austerity 2014/08/12 –

CJAD’s Gang of Four discusses Liberal youth-wing proposal to abolish CEGEPS 2014/08/08Tommy Shnurmacher Show CJAD

Who should pay for Quebec’s deficit, the rich or the rest? CJAD’s Gang of Four debates the politics of austerity 2014/08/06 – Tommy Shnurmacher Show CJAD

Austerity by any other name would smell as foul 2014/06/12 An edited version of this article ran in the June 11th edition of the Montreal Gazette under the title “A bad budget for education

We Need a Union Capable of Fighting and Winning in the Court of Public Opinion: Why I’m Once Again Running For MTA President – Part 4 2014/05/19

We Need Better Health Insurance, Not a Back Door Fee Increase: Why I’m Once Again Running For MTA President – Part 3 2014/05/15

For an MTA that is More Transparent and Democratic: Why I’m Once Again Running For MTA President – Part 2 2014/05/10

Why I’m Once Again Running For MTA President! Part One: We Need a Union That Favours Participation not Partisanship! 2014/05/04

Standardized testing is detrimental to students’ education 2014/04/22 Montreal Gazette

PQ pushes history rewrite 2014/04/03 Interview in The Montreal Gazette

A Response to Gilles Duceppe 2014/04/02

‘A Lesson in Values for Madame Marois’: The Video and the Press Coverage 2014/03/26 Global Television, CTV, Montreal Gazette, CBC News, CBC Daybreak, CJAD, MTL Blog, Yahoo Quebec, Journal de Montreal

Citizen activism is the best way to defeat Bill 60 2014/02/22 Montreal Gazette

CJAD Gang of Four discusses the EMSB’s presentation at the Bill 60 hearings 2014/02/14 Tommy Shnurmacher Show CJAD

QPAT Contract Negotiations 2015: An Alternative Survey 2013/12/15

Introducing The Canada Badass Teachers Association: As Corporate Education Reform Goes International, So Does the Movement of Badass Teachers Opposing It 2013/12/07 An abridged version of this article focusing exclusively on Teach for Canada was published in The Two Row Times

QPAT Convention 2013: Coping Strategies When What Teachers Need is Change 2013/11/16

CJAD Gang of Four Discusses Charter of Quebec 2013/11/11 Tommy Shnurmacher Show CJAD

Charter backlash continues at Montreal high school 2013/11/07 Global News

Setting the Record Straight About the Complaint Against the MTA at the Labour Relations Commission 2013/10/15

Pauline Marois is ignoring lessons she herself wanted taught 2013/09/17 Montreal Gazette

Video: Westmount High School Protests Against Quebec Charter of Values 2013/09/14

Podcast: Philosopher Charles Taylor, Teacher Robert Green and CPE Director Paula Lamarre Discuss the PQ’s Secular Charter on CBC Daybreak 2013/09/12 CBC Montreal Daybreak

Why America’s Teachers Are Going Badass and Why Canada’s Need to Consider Doing the Same 2013/06/29 Our Schools/Ourselves

CJAD Teachers Panel Discusses Problems with Provincial Exams, Upcoming School Board Elections and Tips for Summer School 2013/06/16 Tommy Shnurmacher Show CJAD

CJAD Teacher Panel Discusses Grade Inflation, Student Stress and Problems with Quebec’s Curriculum 2013/05/15 Tommy Shnurmacher Show CJAD

The Chicago Teachers Union: A New Template for Social Justice Unionism? 2013/05/10 Our Schools/Ourselves

Keeping the Members in the Dark: On the MTA’s Growing Culture of Secrecy 2013/05/05

Political pressures are inflating students’ marks 2013/04/25 Montreal Gazette

CJAD Teacher Panel Discusses Grade Inflation and Bill 88 2013/04/19 Tommy Shnurmacher Show CJAD

Quebec Ignores Warnings About Data-Driven Education Reform 2013/03/31

5 Reasons for EMSB Teachers to Vote for Change in the Montreal Teachers Association 2013/03/15

Where are the reductions in class sizes that we were promised? 2013/03/04 Montreal Gazette

Pearson Teachers Union Files Grievance on Class Size. Why Has the MTA Not Followed Suit? 2013/02/12

Quebec Curriculum Reform A ‘Slow Simmering Disaster’  2013/01/29 Tommy Shnurmacher Show CJAD

CHRY ‘News Now’ Interview with Robert Green on the Problems with Quebec’s 4-Tiered Education System 2012/10/20 News Now Show CHRY

The Conflict in Context: A Québec high school teacher’s perspective on the movement for accessible education 2012/10/19 Our Schools/Ourselves

CJAD Panel Discussion on Homework 2012/10/10 Tommy Shnurmacher Show CJAD

Quebec’s four-tiered education system a disservice to those in need 2012/09/27 Montreal Gazette

Education and the 2012 Quebec Election: Part Eight – Where do the Parties Stand on Inequality? 2012/08/30

Education and the 2012 Quebec Election: Part Seven – What do the Parties Have Planned for Teachers? 2012/08/25

Education and the 2012 Quebec Election: Part Six – Where do the Parties Stand on Public Subsidies for Private Schools? 2012/08/23

Education and the 2012 Quebec Election: Part Five – How are the Parties Proposing to Lower Quebec’s Dropout Rate? 2012/08/21

Education and the 2012 Quebec Election: Part Four – Where do the Parties Stand on the Abolition of School Boards? 2012/08/18

Education and the 2012 Quebec Election: Part Three – Where do the Parties Stand on School Autonomy? 2012/08/15

Education and the 2012 Quebec Election: Part Two – Where do the Parties Stand on Curriculum Reform? 2012/08/11

Education and the 2012 Quebec Election: Part One – Where do the Parties Stand on Education Financing? 2012/08/08

10 Must-See Videos Documenting the Quebec Student Strike 2012/07/07

Three Evidence Based Strategies to Improve Quebec’s Public Schools  2012/05/18

Comparing Quebec’s Provincial Teachers Federations – Part Two  2012/05/03

Comparing Quebec’s Provincial Teachers Federations – Part One   2012/04/25

Sign on! Open letter to Quebec’s labour federations to continue and intensify their support of the movement against tuition hikes    2012/04/15

Stephen Harper just took over $22,000 from my retirement!    2012/04/06

What’s Wrong With QPAT’s Health Insurance?    2012/03/14

Ruth Rosenfield and the MTA Memory Hole   2012/02/16

Robert Green interviewed on CJAD about his Jan 17th op-ed   2012/01/19 Tommy Shnurmacher Show CJAD

English schools more like guinea pigs than labs for ‘innovations’   2012/01/17 Montreal Gazette

Is QPAT Hiding the Implications of Bill 88 From Its Members?   2011/12/15

Salary Provisions of the New Contract Demystified – Part Two   2011/12/08

Salary Provisions of the New Contract Demystified – Part One   2011/12/01

CJAD Interview with Robert Green on Private School Subsidies   2011/11/28 Kim Fraser Show CJAD

Documentary Exposes ‘The Incovenient Truth Behind Waiting For Superman’   2011/11/27

Were Teachers Adequately Informed? QPAT and the Democratic Process   2011/11/24

To Improve the Education System, Stop Subsidizing Private Schools   2011/11/15 Montreal Gazette

Surprise! The Collective Agreement We Voted On Is Not the One We Got! Part Two: The New Systems for the Payment of Year-end Bonuses and for Department Heads   2011/11/10

Surprise! The Collective Agreement We Voted On Is Not the One We Got!: Part One: New Systems for Calculating Sick Days and Salary Deductions   2011/11/05

Is ‘No Child Left Behind’ Coming to Quebec?   2011/10/31 Montreal Gazette

Students Aren’t Being Taught Crucial Reading and Writing Skills   2011/10/31 Montreal Gazette

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