A Montreal teacher’s wish for 2015

By Robert Green | Published by the Montreal Gazette as part of the article “15 Wishes for Montreal in 2015” by Katherine Wilton

In 2015, I would like to see an end to politicians attempting to accomplish their goals at the expense of vulnerable public-school students. Last year, it was teachers and students from various religious minorities being stigmatized by the Parti-Québécois government’s proposed charter of values; this year, it’s (Quebec Premier Philippe) Couillard attempting to balance the budget by asking vulnerable students to pay for all the tax cuts the previous Liberal government had doled out to the rich. Montreal’s public schools have a high numbers of students with special needs and students from low-income families. These are inevitably the students most affected when budgets for education and other social services are cut. When Mr. Couillard was running for election, he stated that he saw education as an investment in Quebec’s future. It would be nice if in 2015 he showed this was more than empty rhetoric by doing two things: 1) reversing the cuts to public education; 2) dealing fairly with the province’s teachers in upcoming contract negotiations.

One Comment to “A Montreal teacher’s wish for 2015”

  1. My wish list for 2015: (1) cut bureaucracy, not quality of education. (2) major teacher opposition to educational gimmicks (3) Focus on conveying concepts through creativity and hard work by both students and teachers (4) an end to phony of marketing of schools (5) Rehaul substandard educational teachers’ colleges like McGill.

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