Values charter endorses bullying, EMSB says

School board says it won’t accept any attempt to legislate staff dress code

By Monique Muise | Published January 9, 2014 by The Montreal Gazette

MONTREAL — The English Montreal School Board says Quebec’s proposed Charter of Values “gives a government endorsement to bullying” in its schools, and as such, it will neither support nor adhere to the controversial legislation.

In a brief to be presented at the National Assembly during hearings into what is now known as Bill 60, the EMSB outlines the reasons for its opposition to the charter, which would forbid public servants — including teachers and principals — from wearing conspicuous religious symbols on the job.

“We cannot be party to a proposed legislation which, if passed, runs contrary to what we teach our students insofar as tolerance and respect of individual rights and religious freedoms are concerned,” reads the brief, released on Thursday morning. The board then states clearly that it will “not accept” any attempt to legislate the wearing of clothing, headgear, jewelry or other adornments among its staff.

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