Spiridigliozzi, others fined by AMF

Published Octobre 2, 2013 by The Montreal Gazette


A former chairperson of the English Montreal School Board has been fined $28,000 for illegal practices as a damage insurance broker.

Dominic Spiridigliozzi, his colleague Peter Filato and his company, Courtier d’assurance-crédit Berman-Cast Inc., pleaded guilty to 21 charges related to operating without a proper permit for a total of $63,000 in fines.

Spiridigliozzi, currently the EMSB commissioner for St. Leonard, was elected chairperson of the board in 2003.

After the charges against him were made in July 2012, at least one commissioner called on him to resign, saying it wasn’t appropriate behavior for a commissioner. Already on Wednesday, there were grumblings in the community about whether Spiridigliozzi should remain in office.

“There might be a moral obligation for him to resign,” said one person close to the scene. “Is he a role model for children?”

In 2005, Spiridigliozzi was criticized by union representatives for having four family members and his karate coach working for the EMSB while he was still chair.

Read more: http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/Spiridigliozzi+others+fined/8989451/story.html


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