Painting a picture of intolerance

By Michelle Lalonde | Published September 12, 2013 by The Montreal Gazette
Negative reaction to the proposed Charter of Quebec Values ranges from bemusement through bafflement and all the way to fury, as Quebecers try to imagine how the charter would affect their workplaces and lives if it were ever applied.

The handy diagram provided Tuesday when the Parti Québécois finally unveiled its controversial proposal has raised more questions than it answered.

Pictograms indicating which religious symbols would be allowed in public sector workplaces, and which would be deemed too overtly religious to be tolerated in a secular society, have certainly inflamed the debate.

Hijabs, kippahs, turbans and large crucifixes on a necklace are some of the items the charter would ban public service employees from wearing. Smaller crucifixes, earrings or rings that display religious symbols would be permitted, the diagram indicated.

But what of medium-size crucifixes?

How about a big Star of David on a T-shirt? What if a male employee chooses to wear his beard long and moustache trimmed, a look favoured by some devout Muslims? What about a non-believer who simply likes the look of a large dangling crucifix earring? What about tattoos with religious messages and symbols?

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