What do I tell my hijab-wearing daughter about Quebec’s values?

By Samah Marei, Published September 11 2013 by The Montreal Gazette


I don’t think the fear relating to people in authority wearing hijabs is related to fear that these people will cast some sort of religious hold on those in their care. I think the real fear is that young people — say, children in daycare — will grow up without fear of religious symbols some want them to hate. The memory of a good doctor with a turban or a kindly civil servant wearing a yarmulke or hijab will go a long way, after all, toward eliminating prejudice against religious minorities. For a society that lays claim to secular égalité, I would think that eliminating such prejudice would be a good thing. But instead, Quebec would be raising its children to be provincial and xenophobic; unable to interact with anyone who “looks different.”

Read more: http://www.montrealgazette.com/opinion/What+tell+hijab+wearing+daughter+about+Quebec+values/8893889/story.html

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