Quebec teachers’ federation rejects PQ’s vision for Charter of Values

Government should stop funding private religious schools and take the crucifix out of the National Assembly but leave individuals be: FAE

By Catherine Solyom | Published September 4, 2013 by the Montreal Gazette

If the Parti Québécois government really wants to secularize education in the province, it should stop funding private religious schools — not prohibit teachers from wearing overt religious symbols.

That was the message sent Wednesday by the Fédération autonome d’enseignement — which represents about 32,000 teachers, or one-third of the teachers in Quebec — to the government as the PQ prepares to table its controversial Charter of Quebec Values, rumoured to be set for Monday.

Warning against a polarizing debate that could easily get out of control or be taken hostage by extremists, the FAE urged Pauline Marois and her government to concentrate their efforts on making the state and its institutions secular, not necessarily inpiduals.

Take the crucifix out of the National Assembly’s Blue Room, where any new charter will be debated and turned into law, the FAE said, but respect teachers’ right to freedom of expression and religion (or atheism, as the case may be).

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