Grade fixing in Quebec schools rampant, say teachers

Published March 11, 2013 by CBC news


“This isn’t a new phenomenon,” he said.

A secondary school science teacher of 25 years before becoming president of the FAE, St-Germain recounted being pressured to changing grades in his early days of teaching.

But, he said, it’s become much more pronounced in the past four years.

Bill 88 to blame?

In 2008, Quebec’s National Assembly passed Bill 88 to amend the province’s Education Act.

The bill places a greater emphasis on graduation rates and success agreements.

St-Germain said this pressure has touched off a chain reaction of events.

“The minister puts pressure on the school boards to improve their success rates; the school boards put pressure on the school administrations so that in their schools, the success rate is higher,” he said.

“And [as a result], the school administration puts pressure on the teachers,” he added.

Both Catherine and St-Germain said it’s demotivating for teachers and undermines their professional autonomy.

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