10 Must-See Videos Documenting the Quebec Student Strike

By Robert Green

If you’re a political junkie like me you’ve probably spent the last few months discussing the issues surrounding the Quebec student strike: tuition hikes, police brutality,  special laws, the challenges of movement building, etc. As an open and vocal supporter of the student strike one inevitably encounters echos of the English media’s characterization of the students as entitled and violent. Fortunately, there have been a number of excellent videos produced that have been of great use in countering such perceptions. This post is my attempt to assemble 10 of the best such videos in one location so they can be easily shared.

Overview of the movement:

Red Square Revolt


It’s a revolution in Quebec. (PRESS CC for English subtitles)


On the economics of the tuition hike:

Quebec Tuition: We Have A Choice


On the police brutality:

Red Alert – Police brutality Quebec students protests‎


On the Special Law 78

RT report on Quebec’s “totalitarian govt crackdown”


Voices of the movement:

Democracy Now interview with Anna Kruzynski & Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois


Generation Wise


Speech by Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois


Images of the movement:

Casseroles ‘Pots and Pans’ Montreal Protest Video


March 22 Demonstration:

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