US-based National Education Writers Association Research Brief on Teacher Effectiveness

A research brief M. Legault would do well to read…

What Studies Say About Teacher Effectiveness

“As policymakers and school leaders seek new ways to measure and improve teacher effectiveness, it’s important for journalists and others to understand what is known about the topic so far, and what remains unsettled or unknown. This research brief does not synthesize all the studies in this highly technical field. But it does aim to improve the accuracy and clarity of reporting by exploring what the research says about timely questions surrounding the complex topic of teacher effectiveness.”

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One Comment to “US-based National Education Writers Association Research Brief on Teacher Effectiveness”

  1. That’s exactly the problem with merit-pay schemes …they hold teachers as the only factor in student achievement. It’s like telling a hockey coach that because his team won the cup last year, they must win it again this year, regardless of the players on the team.

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