Henry Aubin on Merit Pay for Teachers

“Merit pay makes excellent sense in theory. That’s why Legault has plenty of company in seeing it as a eureka solution for ailing schools. The Bush and Obama administrations, the Gates Foundation, the New York Times and the Washington Post editorial boards have all embraced the idea.What, you ask, can possibly be wrong with a system that pays teachers more if tests show their students are improving well?Answer: Actual practice, as disinct from theory.At least 10 U.S. states, taking advantage of a federal funding carrot, have so far adopted merit pay based on student testing. Legault might consider this south-of-theborder initiative as a giant pilot project. Results are coming in.”

2 Responses to “Henry Aubin on Merit Pay for Teachers”

  1. The link you provided no longer leads to the Gazette article. ….I can’t recall if I’ve already sent you these, but here are two popular articles I wrote early in the summer:

    (1) The Causes And Consequences Of Grade Inflation: http://www.science20.com/chemical_education/causes_and_consequences_grade_inflation-90781

    (2) Radical Math and the Green Curriculum: Bad Ideas


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